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Driving Transformation: Markazia and Rainmaking Innovation Unite to Reshape Mobility Solutions

September 11, 2023 – Amman, Jordan: Rainmaking Innovation, a global powerhouse specializing in corporate innovation and venture development, has formed a game-changing strategic partnership with Markazia (Central Trade & Auto), a trailblazing end-to-end mobility solutions provider serving Jordan's transportation needs. This bold collaboration has the potential to change the mobility technology environment in Jordan and throughout the MENA region by identifying untapped opportunities and sparking corporate innovation.

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Rainmaking's strategic alliance with Markazia has the promise of pioneering solutions that transcend barriers, laying the groundwork for transformative developments in the mobility sector. Rainmaking uses its data-driven methodology to uncover new pathways for innovation in a world where sectors are undergoing tremendous upheaval. This strategy provides leaders with the data they need to properly target their innovation investments, giving them a competitive advantage in a volatile market.

On the other hand, with a steadfast commitment to innovation, Markazia has emerged as a frontrunner in harnessing technology to revolutionize transportation. The company's unwavering dedication is evident through substantial investments made over the past two years to build cutting-edge mobility technology. In a dynamic industry that thrives on disruption, Markazia has diligently assembled a team of software developers and leading AI experts from Jordan to drive pioneering solutions. Fueling this spirit of innovation, Markazia has also invested significantly in enhancing its internal capacity, reflecting its resolute determination to elevate its business to new heights.

"We're thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Markazia,” said Ibrahim Seksek, CEO at Rainmaking MENA. “This collaboration is a game-changer, combining Rainmaking's international expertise with Markazia's local leadership in the MENA region. Together, we're set to make waves in the mobility technology space by tackling challenges and exploring new untapped opportunities. Get ready for a dynamic journey ahead as we work hand in hand to drive innovation and create meaningful impact,” he added.

“Technology in cars has been growing at a rapid pace over the past decade. While some might find this intimidating, we found it as an opportunity to build our own mobility technology to better serve our customers,” stated Nadim Haddad, the Managing Director of Markazia. “The beauty of technology is that it knows no geographic borders, so the partnership with Rainmaking not only gives us better visibility of the market as a whole, it helps connect us with like-minded mobility technology specialists throughout the region,” he said.

Rainmaking's spectacular track record strengthens its function as a growth accelerator. One notable initiative is the Smarty City and Mobility program in Dubai, which was launched by Rainmaking's subsidiary, Startupbootcamp. This program has brought the most advanced mobility technologies to Dubai, encouraging partnerships with the government to improve mobility and citizen well-being.

As a result, Markazia and Rainmaking are beginning a journey of innovation distinguished by deliberate progress and meaningful impact. The collaboration leverages Rainmaking's unrivaled knowledge in opportunity mapping and access to VC and Startup data, unlocking a treasure of insights.

Rainmaking is a globally recognized innovation and venture development firm, steering organizations towards transformative growth. With an established track record, Rainmaking employs data-driven insights to uncover new business opportunities and catalyze innovation.

Markazia (Central Trade & Auto) is an end-to-end mobility solutions company that services transportation needs across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Founded by Mr. George Haddad in 1999, Markazia is the official distributor of Toyota, Lexus, Hino, Yamaha, King Long, Budget Rent A Car, and several other automotive solutions.



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