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Riding The Roller Coaster of Startup life: Energy, Soul & Inspiration

Nearly a decade ago, I stepped into the world of marketing working for a popular local startup brand. Little did I know that this decision would mark the beginning of an incredible journey filled with energy, soul, and inspiration.

I joined a team of 6 in a very modest attic, without any windows, only desks, laptops, a coffee machine, and tremendous enthusiasm. Even though it was an extremely small space, without an ounce of privacy, inspiration was present and fueling all conversations.

What struck me the most was the connection between the team members and their profound sense of ownership to the job, and how it all came together to push a team spirit like no other, driven by the shared dedication to the product and the customer.

In shorter sentences, it was a mix of inspiration, hard work and deep involvement.

What I hadn’t known at the time was that this passion is usually accompanied with a great deal of uncertainty, a combination that can be both exciting and stressful. Everyday posed a new challenge capable of either fortifying or jeopardizing the entire company. Seemingly alluring opportunities would consistently come your way, and you would often find yourself on the crossroads of risk and caution. This journey unveiled a spectrum of emotions, from the thrill of success to the pains of failure.In this roller coaster of highs and lows, a unique addiction was born, forever changing my perception of the professional landscape.

Founder Expectations: Dedication & Responsibilities

Embarking on a journey alongside founders and entrepreneurs is a distinctive learning experience, it can be as rich as top business school courses. You get the chance to go through all stages of idea inception, validation, up until bringing it to life and growing the company, driven by passion, vision and the mission to make the world a better place in their unique way.

This immersive experience exposes you to a multitude of challenges, problem-solving scenarios, and the intricate decision-making process leading to the heavy responsibilities that come with it.

If you’re lucky enough, you’d be one of the early hires and you will see the full cycle moving beyond theory to the practical application of knowledge in real-life scenarios alongside the founder.

Close collaboration with the founder, and being part of the founding team means you will be expected to match their dedication, energy and efforts to keep the company afloat. This often translates to giving 150% each day, working extended hours, and many times sacrificing the luxury of weekends.

While resources are scarce, and stability ,especially in the early stages, is tricky, your job will extend beyond your designated role, which requires rolling up your sleeves and contributing beyond the expected.

However, with this great exposure comes great responsibility; you become instrumental in ensuring the company's stability and longevity, adopting a sense of ownership akin to that of the founder.

Innovation & Adaptability: A Daily Routine in the Startup World

For those joining the startup realm, my foremost piece of advice is this: arm yourself with patience, have plenty of it. Each day brings a new set of hurdles, demanding swift cost-effective solutions. Essentially, innovation becomes your daily ritual.

The product development process is non-stop, requiring constant engagement with the users, keen observation of their behavior, numerical reflections, team-wide data sharing, solution crafting, iterative cycles, changing plans, new decisions, fresh team dynamics, structural changes, and the list goes on and on.

This never-ending cycle can be incredibly overwhelming, sparking stress, frustration and internal team conflicts. In this dynamic environment, resilience and flexibility are very crucial skills, not only for the team members but especially for leadership. The nature of startup life means that everything can change daily, and team members must learn to detach, embrace new challenges, and consistently seek the overall benefit of the company.

Being part of the founding team puts you in uncomfortable and challenging scenarios where you must wear different hats, engage in different roles and solve diverse problems.

This is where the team culture plays a huge role in uniting everyone around a singular mission and vision, not only minimizing frustrations, but also streamlining problem-solving, ensuring the team can adapt and thrive in the face of constant change.

Embracing Failure: The Gateway to Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Walking into the world of entrepreneurship, failure will be the first to greet and welcome you. It is the bedrock of this journey, manifesting in various shapes, forms and frequencies.

The quicker you embrace it, the richer your learning experience, because as cheesy as it sounds with every failure comes a valuable lesson, offering new insights and knowledge, guiding you towards a more informed trajectory. Whether it's related to product features, marketing campaigns, hiring missteps, or choosing the wrong investor, every failure grounds you and grants a fresh perspective.

Don’t get this the wrong way, every team member should strive to minimize failures, but if and when it happens, it’s not the end of the world, rather it’s a redirection of effort and focus.

Joining a startup entails an expectation of some type of failure along the way, it’s inevitable. Whether it's related to product features, marketing campaigns, hiring missteps, or choosing the wrong investor, every failure grounds you and provides a fresh perspective.

Numerous startups and businesses serve as valuable lessons that we can learn from to minimize our own failures and losses. Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable individuals and leveraging substantial data becomes vital in this journey.

The Art of Networking in the Startup Ecosystem

In the dynamic landscape of the startup world, the significance of networking and forging connections becomes increasingly apparent. In this interconnected world, we all need each other, making it extremely crucial to be intentional about putting yourself out there, reaching across to fellow ecosystem members, and initiating meaningful conversations. Boldness is key; start dialogues with professionals in your industry, no matter how big or small their role or position might seem to you. This collaborative spirit not only fosters personal growth but contributes to the collective success of the entire startup community.

In retrospect, reflecting on the challenges and the triumphs I have faced within the world of entrepreneurship, it has been an extremely rich journey that I am forever profoundly grateful for. It has provided me with not only access to a wealth of knowledge, but also a diverse range of experiences, which have become pivotal to my professional development.

At Rainmaking MENA, my role as a Community Manager, essentially serves as a vital link between the vibrant community of startups and the dynamic ecosystem in the region, where I’m surrounded by various forms of innovation, passion and resilience, allowing me to witness the unique journeys of startups unfold and contribute to their success and growth.

The startup world is undeniably tough, yet equally rewarding and I feel privileged to be at the heart of it driving connections and growth.


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