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Global Corporate Innovation Firm, Rainmaking, Expands into Saudi Arabia

Global Corporate Innovation Firm, Rainmaking, Expands into Saudi Arabia with a Focus on Empowering the Innovation Ecosystem

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July 26, 2023 -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Rainmaking Innovation, a global corporate innovation firm, is bringing its expertise and success to the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. With a track record of boosting corporate innovation, accelerating co-creation with key players across the ecosystem, and running successful startup acceleration programs under the esteemed Startupbootcamp brand, Rainmaking Innovation is set to ignite a new era of growth and opportunity in the Saudi Arabian market.

Having played a pivotal role in the founding of Startupbootcamp in 2010, Rainmaking Innovation is committed to supporting the most ambitious entrepreneurs at every stage of their growth journey. Today, Startupbootcamp is globally recognized as one of the most active industry-focused startup accelerators, earning a prestigious top-5 ranking. This wealth of experience positions Rainmaking Innovation as a key player in fostering the growth of startups in Saudi Arabia.

To fuel the growth of crucial sectors in Saudi Arabia, Rainmaking Innovation is launching two industry-focused programs: Fintech and Tourism & Hospitality. These programs aim to accelerate the development of startups within these sectors, fostering innovation and unlocking opportunities for sustainable growth and job creation in alignment with the ambitious goals outlined in Vision 2030.

In order to cultivate an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish, Rainmaking Innovation strongly emphasises nurturing its entrepreneurial talent. The company is seeking to create a unique opportunity for local talent to interact with worldwide expertise as it evolves into Saudi Arabia as a way to encourage knowledge transfer and allow young innovators to take their ideas to new levels.

Under the astute leadership of Ibrahim Seksek, a serial Entrepreneur with multiple exits, Rainmaking Innovation MENA is set to create a meaningful impact in the Saudi Arabian market. With a wealth of experience and a passion for driving innovation, Seksek's leadership will be instrumental in shaping the success of Rainmaking Innovation's initiatives in the Kingdom.

"With immense excitement, Rainmaking MENA embarks on a transformative journey, venturing into Saudi Arabia," said Ibrahim Seksek, CEO at Rainmaking MENA. "Our strategic vision revolves around igniting positive change and nurturing a culture of innovation, as we actively shape the future entrepreneurial landscape in this region. Collaborating hand in hand with local partners and ambitious entrepreneurs, our mission is to empower and unlock the full potential of Saudi Arabia's vibrant ecosystem, propelling remarkable growth and spearheading an extraordinary era of impactful ventures." he added.

Rainmaking Innovation has a distinguished track record of working alongside leading companies, propelling innovation across diverse sectors. Collaborations with prominent names such as IKEA, Visa, Jordan Payments & Clearing Company (JoPACC), Kuwait International Bank, Smart Dubai, Du, Orange, Vodafone, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, and Engie have paved the way for transformative breakthroughs and game-changing innovations.

In recent news, Bain & Company is to acquire APAC arm of global Rainmaking, fortifying the company’s position as a critical player in the global innovation landscape.

About Rainmaking Innovation

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rainmaking is one of the world’s leading corporate innovation facilitators and venture development firms with 12 offices globally, including major tech hubs such as London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Singapore, and New York.

About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp is part of Rainmaking. Startupbootcamp has a core mission to support the region's most ambitious entrepreneurs through all stages of growth. Today, Startupbootcamp is considered one of the world's most active industry-focused startup accelerators –rated a top-5 accelerator globally.


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